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Unlimited newsletters

Web subscription forms

Unlimited capture pages

Customize your messages
Autoresponder email 100% shipping to inbox
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Automatic answers

This means that you can schedule the automatic sending of thousands of messages.
All these messages will start to be sent to each of your subscribers in the sequence that you have programmed, automatically.

Unlimited newsletters

In these bulletins you can offer your new articles, commercial offers, announce contests, send gifts, etc. The newsletters you send to your subscribers is a powerful tool to strengthen their trust and turn them into your loyal customers of your products or services.

Unlimited Length of Messages.

No matter how much you need to write in your message. In our robot there are no limits so you can expand everything you need.

Add subscription forms

The subscription form is added by a code that Autoresponder Email generates when you set up an ad campaign. You can have as many subscription forms as you need.

Unlimited capture pages

You can create unlimited capture pages for unlimited subscriber lists. For example, you may have a list of customers for specific products, another list of potential customers who have not yet purchased your product, etc., etc.

Customize your messages

With our Robot you can customize your messages, this is very important, because you can address each subscriber by name, as if a personal message was and also put other variables to display, date, mail, etc.

More Robot Features

You can see in "features" all the functions of a software of excellence. We do not have to envy anything to the best known auto responder in the market.
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In one of the best known by all, just to configure some messages there are video tutorials that last up to 1 hour and 20 minutes. Ours the tutorial if you need it lasts less than 15 minutes.
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